Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, February 14th! If you’re in a relationship, you may be stressing about what to get your significant other. If you’re single, you’re off the hook! But remember: you don’t have to be in a relationship to have a Valentine, so consider getting something for your mom, sister, etc. The following gift ideas aren’t your usual flowers … Continue reading

Love lessons are some of life’s best lessons, but with love sometimes comes heartbreak. These are the even tougher lessons to learn. Finding the silver lining in a breakup definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. You won’t find it in your monthly horoscope or at the bottom of a bottle of Pinot. You probably won’t find it scrolling through Tinder, … Continue reading

If you’re like me, it’s always a mad dash to check everyone off my list for holiday gifts. Sure, I’ve picked up things here and there in the months leading up to December, but it seems there are always those people that are tough to shop for. Whether it’s your mom or dad, boss or best friend, or that … Continue reading