Canned Wines: The Lo-Down

Canned wines have never appealed to me. However, they’re really having a moment. Some wine bloggers have even dedicated entire Instagram accounts to drinking and reviewing canned wines. Perhaps it’s their convenience factor or their unpretentious charm that make canned wines so appealing. I recently picked up a few cans of several different varietals to decide … Continue reading Canned Wines: The Lo-Down

Lauren’s Latest Loves is a new series on the blog where I share all of the things I’m currently loving, whether it be entertainment, food, or even beauty product-related. At my apartment, there’s always some sort of candle or incense burning. I’m currently obsessed with this brand’s candles, which I discovered while perusing one of … Continue reading

In the six years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, this city is everything I dreamed it would be and more. Whether you only know L.A. through the movie screen or you yourself have packed a bag and moved here like me, this is a city of constant discovery. It’s not all palm tree-lined streets and … Continue reading

Find of the Week

2016 Sauvignon Republic Marlborough NZ Sauvignon Blanc, $7.99 Trader Joe’s Do you have high expectations for an $8 wine? I admittedly don’t. While I don’t sip expensive wine on a typical weeknight, I don’t drink bottom shelf either. I’ve always found $15 to be a safe starting point. Before you jump to wine snob conclusions, … Continue reading Find of the Week

Find of the Week

Ever since I visited Scent Bar last summer, I haven’t been able to get one particular fragrance out of mind: the By Killian Imperial Tea fragrance. It’s jasmine green tea in fragrance form! But because of my commitment issues with perfume, I’m not about to shell out $260 for one fragrance…no matter how intoxicating it is. … Continue reading Find of the Week

If you’re like me, it can be so hard to shop for a Mother’s Day gift. Despite knowing my mom’s taste quite well, I’m often conflicted. What can you possibly get for the woman who means everything to you? As a general rule of thumb, I like to shop for her gift(s) with this question in mind: What is something she … Continue reading

It’s no cliché that college goes by fast, but so does that first post-grad year. As graduation for my alma mater is practically days away, I realize that I will soon have been out of college for an entire year. For me, college was inspiring, challenging, and fulfilling. Maybe you feel the same. I fell in love, met some of my … Continue reading