Find of the Week

Ever since I visited Scent Bar last summer, I haven’t been able to get one particular fragrance out of mind: the By Killian Imperial Tea fragrance. It’s jasmine green tea in fragrance form! But because of my commitment issues with perfume, I’m not about to shell out $260 for one fragrance…no matter how intoxicating it is. … Continue reading Find of the Week

Moon Dusting: An L.A. Wellness Trend

Los Angeles loves its wellness trends, especially when a new year rolls around. From crystal healing and acroyoga to juice cleanses and mezcal cocktails, this health-conscious city is quick to give in to the newest, natural trend. I’m admittedly a skeptic (especially when it comes to semi-hippy dippy stuff), but midway through the first month of 2017 I decided to … Continue reading Moon Dusting: An L.A. Wellness Trend

You know those women who open their purses to what appears to be one big, noisy mess of makeup products? That woman is me. Weeks into the first month in the new year, I’m finally taking action and de-cluttering my purse. Buh-bye pesky gum wrappers and worn down tubes of lipstick! I’m making way for the products I utilize most. While … Continue reading

Finding “The One”

A day of niche fragrances and wine on Beverly Blvd. I have major commitment issues. Let me clarify: I have major commitment issues with perfume. People speak of their “signature scent,” but I’ve never felt I had just one. Instead, I’ve had fragrances that remind me of certain moments or chapters in my life. Tocca’s ‘Stella’ awakens the memory of … Continue reading Finding “The One”