Drinking champagne (or sparkling wine) is a no-brainer on New Year’s Eve, though I’m game to sip it anytime of the year. There really is nothing more festive than some bubbly, so don’t count down to 2018 without a glass! If you’re pre-gamming before heading out on the town or hosting your own soirée, you’ll … Continue reading

The Month for Mistletoe

Trekking out to the “mistletoe trees” at our ranch has quickly become a December tradition in my family. Longtime blog followers may remember last year’s wild mistletoe post. The retrieval isn’t always easy, especially for someone as short as me, but the reward is a festive yet all too easily forgotten holiday touch. Far beyond the vineyards … Continue reading The Month for Mistletoe

The saying goes, “Another year older, another year wiser,” and I’ve known this to be true. These past twenty-two years have flown by, but not without valuable lessons in life, love, friendship, etc. Obviously, I’m not perfect and still have so much to learn (like how to have better patience in nearly all aspects of … Continue reading