In the six years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, this city is everything I dreamed it would be and more. Whether you only know L.A. through the movie screen or you yourself have packed a bag and moved here like me, this is a city of constant discovery. It’s not all palm tree-lined streets and … Continue reading

Winter in New Mexico

Over the years I’ve spent the holidays in a mix of places, from the exotic beaches of Thailand, to the city streets of New York and of course, the comfort of my family’s home in Northern California. This year, we followed the cool, piñon-scented air to New Mexico. I’d visited the state in the past … Continue reading Winter in New Mexico

My L.A. Guide

After a lifetime of longing to live in Los Angeles, I finally made the much-anticipated move a little over five years ago. In that time, I’ve fallen even more in love with this city. People all around are following their dreams, which makes for a very creative and inspiring atmosphere, and Angelenos get an average of 329 … Continue reading My L.A. Guide