Flea Market Finds


On the second Sunday of every month, the Pasadena Rose Bowl transforms into one of the largest, most eclectic flea markets around. I don’t ever really go in search of a particular piece, but sometimes I walk away with a few unexpected treasures. If anything, I love getting decor inspiration for my apartment!

Here are some things that caught my eye this past weekend…



{One of the most popular decor items at the Rose Bowl are throw pillows, especially these indigo batik-patterned ones}


{These signs would make for a rustic, industrial-looking statement piece on a living room wall}


{Since cappuccinos are my go-to drink, I found this vintage machine to be especially cool}

Free Hand Boutique is a reasonably priced, trendy traveling boutique based out of this cute truck and can be found online here. To me, their clothing embodies that carefree Southern California lifestyle – a little beachy, a little bohemian. Watching this video will also give you an idea of what they’re all about (psst, they’ll drive to your house and host a shopping party for you and your friends!) 


{I love the idea of recycling a wine barrel to make a sink or even lounge chairs}


{They can be expensive, but one day I will buy a fair-trade Moroccan wedding blanket! I think they’re so beautiful. Check out Real Moroccan on Etsy}


{Another instance of trendy repurposing to make a bench with storage}


{Cool wine rack}


{Colorful oilcloth tablecloths}


{A rustic basket to store blankets, umbrellas, or your grocery bags}


{These country-themed handkerchiefs would be fun as a banner or in acrylic frames}


{So…this is a taxidermy dog that I first thought was fake; definitely wouldn’t buy this, although it’s a conversation piece}


{More cool instances of repurposing}


{This tin tub would be make for a fun succulent planter}


{One vendor oddly sells fake body parts, along with entire human bodies. How real does this foot look?!}


{I think next time, I’ll keep my eyes out for more vintage bar carts}

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