Kicking off Fall in Peep-Toes

In the past two weeks, it’s drizzled twice in L.A. While this excites the Northern California-raised me, the rain felt sticky and humid like a tropical vacation. I’m slowly implementing fall attire into my wardrobe in the hopes that the nights will get significantly chillier; however, it may be a while before the L.A. weather catches on. In the meantime, I’m finding inspiration from this multi-colored silk scarf (particularly the navy and camel colors) and these peep-toes, of course!

img_0283-1Sweater, Old Navy; Jeans, Lucky Brand; Silk scarf, H&M; Shoes, Miss Sixty; Sunglasses, Nordstrom BP; Lip color, Mac Snob


The Shakespeare Bridge (pictured) is located in the Franklin Hills of Los Feliz.

img_0327-11A fitted jacket, like this one from Zara, layered over this thin sweater is ideal for chillier evenings.




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