Falling for Florals

Autumnal tones at my family’s ranch


Blouse, Forever 21 (here); Jeans, Paige Denim; Hat, BDG Urban Outfitters (similar styles herehere and here)

I love florals year-round and this blouse is moody enough to wear well into November. In Los Angeles, I’d probably pair it with a suede mini skirt (see below); however, it’s rained since I arrived in Mendocino County a few days ago, so denim is much more suitable. The stylish hat accents the blouse’s tan and black tones, and also keeps my head dry. While the misty weather and my hair are not the best of friends, I can’t complain because I am thrilled to escape the heat and smog of L.A., and be back in my gorgeous hometown.

Rain clouds rolling into the Ukiah Valley


Rain boots or shoes you don’t mind getting mud on are a must in the vineyard this time of year! These textured, below-the-knee boots are from Kenneth Cole and are perfect for looking stylish while trudging through the muck (similar here, here and here).

In warmer weather, I might pair the blouse with a rust-colored skirt like the one below (similar here); the color is reminiscent of the vineyard palate post-harvest and accents the flowers in the blouse’s pattern.