18 Movies & Their Food/Drink Pairings

A fun twist on the classic movie night

I love a low-key night in with friends and a good movie. We eat our weight in take-out and ice cream, and almost always pick favorites we’ve seen a dozen times (so we can catch up without worrying about missing the movie).

For a fun twist, why not pick up foods that coincide with the films you’re about to watch? You don’t even have to get too crazy either! Bowls of E.T.’s favorite candy (Reese’s Pieces), boxes of pizza (cheese for Home Alone’s Kevin), and green Jell-O to mimic that scene where dinosaurs arrive at the cafeteria in Jurassic Park are easy options. If you’re looking for something more elevated, slice up some white cake and pop open the champagne as Father of the Bride unfolds or brew Earl Grey tea and bake scones in preparation for Pride & Prejudice.