Who’s Getting My Vote

The presidential debate is especially divided this election year. I’ve managed to stay quiet on social media about who I’m voting for, but I thought with tonight’s debate I’d finally share who’s getting my vote…

Women’s Vote Vino Graphic Tee, Target ($14.99)



Just kidding, although I think wine is one thing we can all agree on!

Jokes aside, I do encourage everyone to vote or register to vote if you haven’t. And on voting day, definitely treat yourself to a glass of wine after you’ve submitted your ballot!

Other similar looks:

Left to right: Amazon “Vote For Wine” T-Shirt, $19.99; Etsy.com “I Vote For Wine” Unisex Tank Top, $22.95; Teespring “I Vote For” Women’s Premium Tee (it also comes in a unisex tank and a variety of colors), $22.99

…what you drink may reveal how you vote?!

Back in 2014, Wine Spectator conducted an interesting study (here) that suggests there is a correlation between the wines voters drink and which political party they affiliate with. Obviously, this is not the case for every voter. Take the study with a grain of salt, but who knows? Perhaps it will hold true for you!

For example, when it comes to domestic wines, devoted Republican voters tend to drink Kendall-Jackson and Beringer wines. Loyal Democrat voters choose Smoking Loon, Chateau Ste. Michelle, and Sutter Home. Research also showed if you drink Robert Mondavi wines and Jim Beam Bourbon, chances are you’re Republican. If you prefer Moët & Chandon and Courvoisier Cognac, you’re probably a Democrat. In terms of liquor, Republicans like it brown, while Democrats have a thing for the clear stuff. Interestingly enough, rum proved to be the uniter of both parties. The chart below details more findings.

But perhaps the most interesting detail was one the Washington Post pointed out in its analysis: “Wine drinkers vote more frequently than spirits drinkers.” Cheers to that!