You Had Me At Merlot…Hot Fudge Sauce


I’m not really one to drizzle hot fudge sauce on my ice cream, but when I came across a recipe containing Merlot, I had to indulge! Merlot is a smooth, easy-drinking red that often has notes of chocolate, making it the perfect pairing to this decadent sauce. The best part: it only only takes a matter of mere minutes to prepare.

You can use any Merlot of your choice; I’m using Charles Smith’s 2014 The Velvet Devil Merlot ($10). I honestly eyeball the amount of Merlot I put in because you can never really have enough. The original recipe calls for less, but I’ve since adjusted it so those wine flavors really come through.

For the chocolate, I like mixing Scharffen Berger and Ghiradelli together in bittersweet and dark chocolate varieties for a more complex flavor; however, feel free to choose whichever brands appeal to your taste.


Thinking about the leftover wine I get to drink…



Yields about 1 cup sauce. Keep the sauce in a sealed container for up to a week and warm before serving. Cheers!