Beach-Inspired Succulent Garden

A simple yet inspired DIY

After my trip to the beach last week, I felt like creating a succulent garden that draws inspiration from the gorgeous southern California coast and its surrounding vegetation. California-native cacti and succulents often carpet the cliff crevices and rock formations of the beaches here, further adding to the natural beauty of the West Coast. I’ve made succulent gardens in the past and what I love most about them (besides how lovely they look) is how long they last! They don’t require a ton of watering, just good sunlight.


It’s important to select a planter with a drainage hole; these plants don’t like retaining a ton of moisture. For a beachy look, opt for a planter in a shade of white, blue, or seafoam green. You can also go one step further and find one in the shape of a seashell. I got mine from Lowe’s and it immediately stood out to me because it looks (unintentionally, I think) like the shell of a sea urchin.



Preferably assemble your succulent garden outside, as you’re sure to make a mess!


Start by filling 1/3 of the pot with plant-appropriate soil; I used Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm, and Citrus Soil (Fast-Draining Formula). Some people prefer to also include a gravel layer at the bottom, but that’s entirely up to you. Then, remove the succulents and cacti from their containers and arrange however you see fit. You can opt for a more spread-out look to make room for more decor additives (sand, shells, driftwood, etc.) or go for a more wild, layered look like mine. While I like both ideas, I wanted to pay homage to how I’ve seen these types of plants grow so closely in nature.


Add beachy extras, like seashells, sand, pebbles, or a small piece of driftwood. I chose to feature a few sea urchin shells to play up the planter’s look, an abalone shell, and a small starfish. You can purchase seashells at your local craft store; however, I highly encourage getting to the beach or tidepools to collect them yourself. I store up my findings from the Mendocino Coast to use in projects like this and I absolutely love how the personal touch makes it all the more special!



Make sure to water your finished garden! Let it drain completely if you decide to feature it inside your home. Remember, these plants don’t rely on a ton of water but they do prefer a sunny spot.


The finished product adds a fresh touch to your home without requiring a ton of maintenance!