The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Wine

Looking to come to the wine side?

When it comes to beer and wine, I often notice two divided camps. Some of my friends go wild for craft brews, while others’ eyes widen at the sight of a wine list. While I’m clearly partial to wine, I do enjoy visiting the beer camp for a cold one every now and then. I’ve actually found that some of favorite beers correlate with my favorite wines, like an IPA and Sauvignon Blanc. I’m no beer expert, but I have had my fair share of pints to know which wines my beer fanatic friends might enjoy. To newcomers, the world of wine and those who drink it can seem a little intimidating, or maybe even a bit pretentious, but I promise you’re in good company! No one – I repeat, no one – knows it all, even those who come off as overbearing wine geeks. However knowledgable a person may appear regarding wine, or beer for that matter, there are probably areas within the subject that they don’t know as much about. Everyone is learning with you, so drink up! Get recommendations from wine staff at your local wine shop, invite friends over for a blind tasting, or start off your Friday night at a nearby wine bar where you can taste a few before committing to a glass. You’ll soon begin to catch on, make associations, and understand what others are smelling and tasting besides just “wine.” In the meantime, check out my guide below:

Tip: If it’s the chilled nature of beer that you enjoy, don’t shy away from chilling all of your wines! Whites should definitely be served cold, but reds can also benefit from a little time spent in the fridge. We tend to drink our wines a little warmer than their preferred temperatures anyway. 

12If you like pale ale, you might enjoy a Pinot Noir-3

Crossover Beers-3


Crossovers, or beer-wine hybrids, are known for their experimentation with wine barrel aging and/or the introduction of wine yeast during fermentation. Some breweries even blend fresh-pressed grape juice, stems and all, into the beer itself. While wine-inspired beer is not necessarily a new concept, it’s become extremely popular in recent years. Select breweries make these types of beer, which are often called “sour beer,” and a few can easily be found at liquor stores like BevMo! Other exclusive crossovers may call for a trip to the brewery for a taste. The Bruery (Bruery Terreaux), Russian River Brewing Company, Allagash, Firestone Walker, and Goose Island make quite a few different sour beers worth checking out.

For wine tasting tips, check out this guide. For how to pronounce particular varietals, use this reference guide.