First-Ever AHS Exhibit: The Style of Scare

As a lover of all things horror, American Horror Story is naturally a favorite television show of mine. If you haven’t seen the critically-acclaimed anthology series, I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue. Full disclosure: it’s weird, but unabashedly so. If you already know and love the show, you’ll especially enjoy the free AHS exhibit at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, which runs until August 13th. “The Style of Scare: A Costume Retrospective” is the first-ever AHS exhibit and focuses on costumes and props from the chilling six seasons. While not every costume is on display and some seasons are better represented than others (namely Asylum, Freakshow, and Hotel), the exhibit makes for a fun way to spend a free afternoon. You can grab brunch at The Farm of Beverly Hills or coffee at Alfred’s, both of which are a stone’s throw away from The Paley Center, and then head over when the doors open at noon.

Here is a sneak-peak at some of what you’ll find inside the exhibit:

Fans of Murder House may be disappointed, as it is the smallest of the sections with only three costumes on display (above): Constance, “Rubber Man,” and “Infantata.”
Asylum’s Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson, above) is one stylish journalist.

IMG_9151 (2)

Asylum was my favorite season and, in my opinion, the creepiest thanks to demon-possessed Sister Mary Eunice (above) and “Bloody Face” (below).

IMG_9159 (1)

The stylish witches of the Coven: Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange, left) and Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts, right).
Myrtle Snow (Frances Conroy) is known for her wacky wardrobe in Coven and this particular ensemble is the perfect example of that.


At the front of the colorful Freakshow section stands showrunner Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) and Meep (Ben Woolf).


Serial killer Twisty the Clown’s (John Carroll Lynch) mask and costume is on display.



Of the many costumes on display in the Hotel section, drug addict ghost Sally (Sarah Paulson) is easy to spot.
Also on display: The Countess’s famous throat-sliting glove (above) and her severed head from Episode 11 (below).


The Roanoke display is rather small, but features the creepy Pig Man costume pieces (below).



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