A Lesson on Lillet


apértif: an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite; a French word derived from the Latin verb aperire, which means “to open”.

While I don’t drink it often, there’s something I love about an apértif. The French have made sipping it before supper an everyday thing, but it’s always seemed a little more special to me. Instead of making it a part of my daily life, I prefer to sip Lillet on summer weekends with a few ice cubes and the occasional orange slice. It’s so refreshing and truly something I look forward to all week long! There are several types of Lillet, but Lillet Blanc is the OG; it’s been around since 1872, so it has definite street cred. Its golden coloring always reminds of that gorgeous golden hour we get before sunset when the light casts that soft orangish-red glow. Simply put, Lillet Blanc is magic in a bottle. This particular French apértif is made from Bordeaux grape varietals (Semillion & Sauvignon Blanc) and the peels of various citrus fruits, so expect an highly-aromatic nose and a very fruity palate. It truly tastes as swanky as it sounds! Traditionally, it’s served with a few ice cubes and a twist of orange; however, you also can find many cocktail recipes that call for Lillet, including James Bond’s martini. Cheers to sipping your way through the last few weeks of summer!

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