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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-11At my apartment, there’s always some sort of candle or incense burning. I’m currently obsessed with this brand’s candles, which I discovered while perusing one of my favorite Valley boutiques, Soto Lifestyle. I’m burning their Cardamom this Fall, but love all their other scents, especially their “Escapist” collection; it evokes scents from places like Ojai, Santorini, Kyoto, and Maui to name a few. Even better, these will make perfect gifts for my friends and family this holiday season.


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-6Living in Los Angeles where everything is so close yet so far away, I spend a significant amount of time in my car. Therefore, I have quickly become a lover of podcasts. This one, hosted by actor and funny man Dax Shepard, “celebrates the messiness of being human” and features a casual yet deep conversation with a new celebrity each episode. My favorite episodes include his first conversation with wife and fellow actor Kristen Bell and the ones with Mila Kunis, Lauren Graham, Ashton Kutcher, and Dr. Brené Brown.

Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-12I’ve always enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa in the evening and this version makes the childhood favorite a little more adult. It’s blended with reishi mushrooms, which help support a restful sleep and occasional stress. Plus, it’s much lower in sugar and calories (only 25!) than your usual cup of cocoa. I was sold before I even tasted it and let me tell you, it tastes great! It’s now become a part of my nightly ritual and I love that I can sip on something sweet guilt-free. You can find it at Whole Foods and on Amazon.


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'I love warm, sensual fragrances, especially during the fall. This one evokes a crackling fireplace with notes of clove, chestnut, and vanilla. I’ve tried similar versions in the past, but this one is my current favorite. It instantly puts me in the fall mood, even when L.A. temperatures try to tell me it’s not, in fact, fall. If you’re not keen on buying an entire bottle, go for the travel size and bring a little warmth with you everywhere you go!

Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-3This was one of those shows I stumbled upon while scrolling through Netflix and immediately binged. It’s a half-hour scripted comedy series about a comedy writer and her straight-laced husband raising their young daughter. The title refers to the character’s constant apologies for being an immature and inappropriate mom. I love that it’s filmed in the San Fernando Valley and that it hilariously touches on topics like the Love Languages, child racism, and goddess parties. Granted, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I find this kind of humor wildly funny.


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-2Because of its steep price tag, I don’t repurchase this hand wash immediately after running out; however, it’s one of those products that makes the mundane feel special. There’s nothing particularly glamorous about washing your hands, but the mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas that scent this soap make the experience heavenly. Go wash your hands at an Aesop shop and you’ll see what I mean. This post will do overpriced soaps further justice.

Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-4I’ve gotten more into whiskies over the last few years and this 12 year-old one was my first Japanese one. It does not disappoint! It’s light and well-balanced with a palate of subtle smokiness, earthy forest, pear, and ginger. I suggest dropping in an ice cube and letting it open up.

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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-5I admittedly chose these bath salts for the name alone, hoping the price would be justified. This is one of the best (if not, the best) bath soaks I’ve tried. The fragrance – a blend essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, Australian sandalwood, nagarmotha, and vetiver – is transcendental. Pour this in your bath after a long day and thank me later.


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-7I’m all about pasta. Bring on the gluten, I always say! But, I recently surprised myself when I actually enjoyed a bowl of kelp noodles. Having heard great things about Erewhon’s Pesto Kelp Noodles, I picked some up after work one day and couldn’t get enough of them. They have an interesting texture, which took some getting used to, but I thoroughly enjoyed them and were quite sad when my bowl was empty.


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-8While I prefer to wash my face the old fashioned way, some late nights simply call for the lazy way. I’ve tried a handful of different brands, but have found myself coming back to these. They’re infused with grape seed and olive oils, which give them a nice, natural fragrance and never leave my face feeling dry afterwards.

Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-9If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading this and GO SEE IT. It’ll probably put you in a somber mood, but the acting and music is incredible. My favorite songs on the soundtrack include: “Maybe It’s Time,” “Shallow,” “Always Remember Us This Way,” and “I’ll Never Love Again.”


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Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-13Typically, if something is Chai or Earl Grey-scented, I buy it. I’ve always loved tea flavors and this lotion is no exception. It’s rich and silky and offers the perfect subtle scent of chai and hydration from the goat’s milk. Be forewarned: this is a thick lotion so it’s intended for maximum hydration and smoothness.

Maison Margiela Replica 'By The Fireplace'-14Although I’m happy with my current concealer, I’m always looking for another great alternative in case mine is sold out or ever discontinued. A Sephora saleswoman recently sold me on this concealer and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I like it. It’s super lightweight, hydrating, and provides great coverage.


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