Lauren’s Latest Loves is a new series on the blog where I share all of the things I’m currently loving, whether it be entertainment, food, or even beauty product-related. At my apartment, there’s always some sort of candle or incense burning. I’m currently obsessed with this brand’s candles, which I discovered while perusing one of … Continue reading

Find of the Week

Ever since I visited Scent Bar last summer, I haven’t been able to get one particular fragrance out of mind: the By Killian Imperial Tea fragrance. It’s jasmine green tea in fragrance form! But because of my commitment issues with perfume, I’m not about to shell out $260 for one fragrance…no matter how intoxicating it is. … Continue reading Find of the Week

Finding “The One”

A day of niche fragrances and wine on Beverly Blvd. I have major commitment issues. Let me clarify: I have major commitment issues with perfume. People speak of their “signature scent,” but I’ve never felt I had just one. Instead, I’ve had fragrances that remind me of certain moments or chapters in my life. Tocca’s ‘Stella’ awakens the memory of … Continue reading Finding “The One”