Vitamin Sea & Me

If you’ve ever spent a day in Malibu, you can appreciate Miley Cyrus’ popular song about this beach city. Even if you don’t have a Liam Hemsworth to watch the sun go down with, the experience is honestly just as enjoyable alone. You see, I am someone who isn’t afraid of doing things alone. Whereas … Continue reading Vitamin Sea & Me

My L.A. Guide

After a lifetime of longing to live in Los Angeles, I finally made the much-anticipated move a little over five years ago. In that time, I’ve fallen even more in love with this city. People all around are following their dreams, which makes for a very creative and inspiring atmosphere, and Angelenos get an average of 329 … Continue reading My L.A. Guide

Ten Days in Texas

When I was a kid, my mom would drag me and my sisters to countless flea markets and antique shows. At the time, I could care less about types of Majolica and old clocks (sorry, Mom), and was more interested in the answers to two questions: “When is lunch?” and “When are we going home?” While the … Continue reading Ten Days in Texas

I like long, romantic walks to the cheese counter. Cheese is easily one of my favorite food categories. As a kid, I had a penchant for Brie. Nowadays, I gravitate towards goat cheese and Gouda. But in all honesty, I’m down for any wheel, any day. I’ve really never met a cheese that I didn’t like. There’s … Continue reading

Beach-Inspired Succulent Garden

A simple yet inspired DIY After my trip to the beach last week, I felt like creating a succulent garden that draws inspiration from the gorgeous southern California coast and its surrounding vegetation. California-native cacti and succulents often carpet the cliff crevices and rock formations of the beaches here, further adding to the natural beauty of the West Coast. I’ve made succulent gardens … Continue reading Beach-Inspired Succulent Garden

Winter Brights

Most of us have those colors in our wardrobe that we turn to endlessly. For me, it’s neutrals like navy, white, and the occasional black. Yet while those classic color staples serve a wardrobe well, they can get a little ho-hum when January rolls around. That’s why I love incorporating brights into my everyday wardrobe. Just … Continue reading Winter Brights

My Apartment Holiday Decor

I absolutely adore the holidays! Growing up on my family’s ranch in rural northern California, I have witnessed a magical white Christmas, picked endless amounts of mistletoe from high up in oak trees (like in this post), and observed white deer in the vineyards that I was convinced belonged to Santa Claus. Admittedly, living in Los Angeles does not … Continue reading My Apartment Holiday Decor