Vitamin Sea & Me


If you’ve ever spent a day in Malibu, you can appreciate Miley Cyrus’ popular song about this beach city. Even if you don’t have a Liam Hemsworth to watch the sun go down with, the experience is honestly just as enjoyable alone. You see, I am someone who isn’t afraid of doing things alone. Whereas others might consider the idea of going somewhere sans company an uncomfortable or lonely experience, for me it a necessity and quite often, the best thing ever. I’m an extrovert and lead a very social life, so I consider carving out a little “me time” beneficial to my well-being. Plus, sometimes the best date is yourself! Like Miley, I’ve never been one to “[sit] by the shore, under the sun with my feet in the sand,” but Malibu has quickly become my favorite place to getaway and recharge. There’s something about making the majestic drive through the canyon and arriving at the stretch of mellow beaches that instantly quiets the incessant chatter in my head. After a particularly confusing and draining month, I decided last Friday morning that a spontaneous, solo trip to the sea was just what I needed.




Although the drive took a good hour, I didn’t mind blasting some of my favorite summery tunes (check out my Spotify playlist below).


Rather than tote a heavy picnic basket around, I opted to pack my lunch in this insulated backpack. My picnic included Hawaiian-style ahi poke with seaweed salad (from Gelson’s), honeydew melon, 2016 Ruza rosé (from Winc), and my favorite vanilla cupcake (from Susie Cakes).




IMG_8817 (1)


Having the afternoon to myself meant I was on my own schedule, but being a fast walker, talker, and marathon errand-runner/sight-see-er, I chose to slow way down. I read a few chapters of Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly (I highly recommend it), meditated with the Headspace app, and indulged in a few of my favorite magazines. Afterwards, I intentionally let myself get bored. I took off my shoes, dug my toes in the sand Miley-style, and laid back to close my eyes. I eventually walked along the water’s edge before packing up to head home.

On my drive home, I was stuck in the inevitable Friday traffic. Yet for the first time since moving to L.A., I couldn’t care less. Yes, the weather at the beach was a little gloomier than I’d hoped. Sure, the backed-up traffic was less than ideal. My car and clothes seemed to somehow collect enough sand to make a mini beach. Yet all of the day’s little imperfections made it one of the most perfect days I’ve had in a while.

When was the last time you spent a day with yourself?