Vitamin Sea & Me

If you’ve ever spent a day in Malibu, you can appreciate Miley Cyrus’ popular song about this beach city. Even if you don’t have a Liam Hemsworth to watch the sun go down with, the experience is honestly just as enjoyable alone. You see, I am someone who isn’t afraid of doing things alone. Whereas … Continue reading Vitamin Sea & Me

Moon Dusting: An L.A. Wellness Trend

Los Angeles loves its wellness trends, especially when a new year rolls around. From crystal healing and acroyoga to juice cleanses and mezcal cocktails, this health-conscious city is quick to give in to the newest, natural trend. I’m admittedly a skeptic (especially when it comes to semi-hippy dippy stuff), but midway through the first month of 2017 I decided to … Continue reading Moon Dusting: An L.A. Wellness Trend