Moon Dusting: An L.A. Wellness Trend

One of three locations, this Moon Juice shop is located slightly off of one of my favorite blocks in L.A. Find it at 8463-3 Melrose Place near Alfred’s Tea Room.

Los Angeles loves its wellness trends, especially when a new year rolls around. From crystal healing and acroyoga to juice cleanses and mezcal cocktails, this health-conscious city is quick to give in to the newest, natural trend. I’m admittedly a skeptic (especially when it comes to semi-hippy dippy stuff), but midway through the first month of 2017 I decided to test out a trend everyone’s been raving about.

Moon Juice Dusts. You’ve probably read about them online or seen them in Urban Outfitters. They’re just one of the many unique components of the Moon Juice brand, which focuses on a holistic lifestyle through plant-sourced alchemy. Sounds magical, right? Moon Juice has a dust for every need: Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Dream, and Spirit. Since I had read the most positive reviews about the Beauty Dust, I decided to get a 10-pack box of the Beauty sachets ($19.95). This particular dust, which actress Gwyneth Paltrow swears by, is supposed to give you gorgeous, supple skin and lustrous, shiny hair.


What does Beauty Dust do?

Essentially, the beauty dust works as a blood detoxifier; the mindset is that when your blood is clean, your skin is clean and clear. Inside this non-GMO, gluten-free, wildcrafted dust are ingredients coveted in Chinese skincare – pearl (stimulates circulation of the finest blood vessels), rehmannia herb (purifies the bloom stream and cleans the kidneys), and goji (helps to produce more blood).

How do you add moon dusts to your diet?

Any of the dusts are meant to be added to your nut milk, coffee, tea, hot/cold water, in your favorite smoothie, or even in your oatmeal. I haven’t tried it in my wine yet…

What does Beauty Dust taste like?

Imagine the flavor profile of a forest – the mossy forest floor, dirt, and maybe a few mushrooms. Some L.A. natives have said it brings to mind Topanga Canyon, I say the Mendocino Coast. While those tastes don’t sound appealing, the dust really isn’t that bad on its own. A little funky, but not a total deal-breaker.

When do you see results?

Don’t expect to see overnight results. Most herbalists and professors of this type of medicine agree that noticeable results take a month or so; however, I did notice some of my hormonal acne has cleared up much quicker after religiously dusting this past week. I haven’t noticed as much of a change with my hair, but I’ve also always had a pretty healthy head of hair by rarely using heat products and not coloring it. Ultimately, everyone’s skin, hair, and lifestyle is different. Just as it takes time to see the real results of that new Pilates workout, moon dusts will also take time to prove themselves a worthy addition to your pantry.


If you’re more into juice cleanses, Moon Juice has a great collection of colorful juices ($9-$12) that detoxify, target the immune system, boost energy, and help specific organs function better.
This isn’t your typical cookbook: recipes for Hot Sex Milk, Strawberry Rose Geranium Bars, Pulp Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce, and Chocolate Chaga Donuts prove you can indulge healthily.
Moon Juice’s pantry items allow you to mix up your own concoctions, whether it be in your smoothies or even oatmeal! Ho Shou Wu is an extremely popular addition.
To jump-start the Beauty dust process, I ordered the Beauty Dusted Latte with a free Power Dust added into the mix. And definitely hug the 50-pound jade crystal fastened to the outside wall for more good vibes before you leave!

Happy Dusting!